manduca, when?

manduca für Neugeborene

Have you also let yourself get confused like this? Everyone you ask if you can use manduca for newborns tells you something different? Even the experts don’t agree and your paediatrician says something different than your midwife? In countless forums and information platforms you have always found different statements about when you can start using […]

Overview in all details: New manduca instructions now online!

manduca Anleitung

Instructions are a subject in themselves, precisely because they often cause a lot of unintentional joy. But when it comes to safety, instructions for use are a very basic and (vitally) important matter. Here, it is the be-all and end-all to present important things as briefly as possible, but as detailed as necessary in words […]

Carrying newborns: with Size-It & manduca in the M-position®.

You want to do everything right with your baby. And you might wonder if you can carry newborns. You can! If you want to carry your baby, it is only important that he or she is positioned in the squat-splay position. The tuck-and-spread position is the natural position that your baby automatically assumes when you […]

Carrying in the manduca M-position®: natural and healthy

You probably know that M-Position® means the healthy and comfortable squat-splay position for your baby (or sit-squat position, as the medical profession calls it*). But did you know that the term M-position was invented by manduca? Special darts in the bottom area for a good M position Why the squat spread posture is also called […]

Ingenious for all ages: manduca back extension

manduca Rückenverlängerung

The horizontal zip on the back panel of the manduca baby carrier has a function that is as ingenious as it is simple: when the zip is open, the back panel extends. The resulting integrated back extension ensures that appropriate back support is always guaranteed across all age groups. Reason enough for us to patent […]

manduca seat reducer: carrying with the newborn insert

The manduca baby carrier has an integrated seat reducer – or newborn insert, as many of you call the seat reducer. The big advantage is that you can use it to carry your baby from birth. You just have to know how to use it properly. This is where I (Dunja), as a babywearing consultant, […]

Through thick and thin: manduca straps for your comfort

manduca Gurte

Your manduca is a comfort carrier, a ready-made carrier that can be strapped on quickly and easily using straps like a backpack. The manduca has three different straps: waist strap, shoulder strap, connection strap. Together, the manduca straps ensure that you can adjust the manduca baby carrier perfectly to suit you and carry your child […]

Baby carrier or baby sling? Or even both?

You want to carry your baby? Good idea! And now, of course, you’re wondering what’s the best way to do it. Which is the best carrier for you and your baby is your own personal decision, because many factors play a role in carrying. And every baby carrier has its advantages! Today we’re going to […]

Quick & easy pre-tied: manduca sling instructions (1)

manduca Sling Anleitung vorgebunden

Your baby is here and you want to carry him or her close to you in a sling. Tying a sling with a baby is too complicated for you? It’s easier with the elastic manduca sling in the pre-tied version. You can use it to pre-tie the sling without your baby and then put your […]