manduca, when?

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Have you also let yourself get confused like this?

Everyone you ask if you can use manduca for newborns tells you something different? Even the experts don’t agree and your paediatrician says something different than your midwife? In countless forums and information platforms you have always found different statements about when you can start using a manduca baby carrier?

I felt the same way when I was a new mum and wanted to do everything 100% right. Who should you ask? Our mothers still know very little about carrying because when they were young mothers themselves, carrying was still considered something very exotic.

“Listen to your gut feeling!”, my midwife said to me. At that time I didn’t realise how right she was and how valuable this advice would always be for me.

manduca for newborns

But of course we can’t rely solely on our gut feeling … so here are a few facts:
  • Seat reducer: With the help of the integrated seat reducer of the manduca, you can carry your child in the orthopaedically correct M-position from birth (from 3.5 kg).

The M-position, which your child assumes in the manduca, is not only orthopaedically correct, but also really comfortable!

  • Back extension: As your child grows, the manduca grows with them: The patented back extension and the various possible combinations of push buttons on the seat reducer ensure that you can always adapt the manduca to the size of your child.
  • When do I no longer need a seat reducer? You can use the manduca without a seat reducer as soon as your child’s thighs have grown long enough: when the manduca reaches from the back of the knee to the back of the knee and the lower legs can dangle freely without a seat reducer (this is usually the case at 4-5 months and dress size 68).
  • What else do I have to watch out for?

    Now you are probably wondering why there are those who claim that the manduca is not suitable for newborns because the legs would be forced into a split? Well, it’s not always easy to find the right setting. Often it is only tiny little things that make the difference:

    • Pull your little darling’s bottom very close to your tummy before putting on the seat reducer. Just a few centimetres can make a world of difference for the neck support.
    • Centre the little arms so that your child can adopt a stable posture.
    • Try out how the back extension and the different positions of the press studs play together and find the perfect combination for your child’s current size.
    • Your child wears cloth nappies or has already put on a lot of baby fat? Then use only one press stud per side. This is sufficient because the seat reducer does not hold your child’s weight – it only ensures that the bar is not under tension and can be easily pressed together by the little legs so that your child does not have to do the splits.
    • Apply the knee grip when your child is finally positioned upright in the manduca: after tightening the straps, gently push the knees up again so that the M-position is perfect and the back is round.
    • And now the central point: Find the ideal position for the feet! Do they still stay in the stretcher, or are the legs already so long that they can look out to the side?

    Advice and assistance

    Sometimes a look at the manduca manual can help.

    However, there are many other tips and tricks and you can understand that it is difficult to mention all of these – often very individual tips – in an instruction manual. This is probably also the reason why voices are always raised saying that it doesn’t work.

    And that’s where gut feeling comes into play again, alongside all the facts:

    Does it feel good the way you carry your child? Yes? Good!

    No? Then get in touch with us!

    Just write us an email at .

    We could find a good and comfortable solution in most cases. Because the manduca is almost as individual as your child – many things are possible! With so many options, sometimes you need someone to help you find the right one. And we are happy to do that.

    By the way, we will soon be introducing another option for easily adapting the manduca to the size of a newborn: manduca Size-It! Check our blog regularly to stay up to date.