Through thick and thin: manduca straps for your comfort

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Your manduca is a comfort carrier, a ready-made carrier that can be strapped on quickly and easily using straps like a backpack. The manduca has three different straps: waist strap, shoulder strap, connection strap. Together, the manduca straps ensure that you can adjust the manduca baby carrier perfectly to suit you and carry your child as comfortably as possible. You can find out how this is done and which straps you can pull where here.

manduca hip belt: a solid base for (almost) all sizes

The manduca hip belt is a softly padded wide belt that is firmly sewn to the manduca back section. Its anatomical fit makes the manduca hip belt particularly comfortable, and because it is also tapered, it encloses the hips optimally (not only for women). This means that the carrying weight is transferred to the hips, just like with a good hiking backpack. This is back-friendly, healthy and above all really comfortable!

Although the manduca harness is a hip belt and we recommend wearing it on the hips, some women prefer to wear it at the waist because they are more comfortable that way. To ensure that the belt fits very slim mums in the waist carry position, you can adjust it to 64 cm. For this narrowest setting, you can pull the short strap so tight that the long end of the strap overlaps with the padding underneath, i.e. “all the way up” (if it is still too wide, you can make it very long and tie it twice around you). And the manduca hip belt is also super variable in the other direction: it’s no problem up to a hip circumference of 140 cm! *

Note: To ensure that the belt stays where it is, there is a safety loop for the hip belt buckle on the belt. As shown in the picture, the buckle must always be behind this loop. This prevents the belt from opening accidentally. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks to the many adjustment options, you can also use the manduca as a hip carrier.

manduca shoulder straps: on the light shoulder ­čśë

The manduca shoulder straps are especially softly padded so that you can literally take the manduca lightly and carry your child comfortably in it. Of course, they also ensure an ergonomically correct and healthy posture for your baby: the shoulder straps are set particularly low and at an angle on the side of the back section to exert as little pressure as possible on the baby’s back.

The manduca shoulder strap is set low and at an angle.

You can adjust the shoulder straps three ways:

1. There is a pull buckle at the top of the shoulder area that you can use to tighten the short end of the strap when your baby is in the carrier. Important tip: Before putting your baby in the carrier, loosen these short ends of the shoulder straps. Only tighten them when your child is positioned deep in the manduca. Pull the straps so tight that you don’t feel “squeezed in”, but so tight that your baby always lies close to your body, even when you bend forward!

2. You can use the long, lower end of the shoulder strap to adjust the shoulder straps individually to your body size even before you put it on. As a rule, you can keep this setting for the next time you wear the harness. As with the hip belt, please make sure that the buckles can always be caught by the safety loop! 3.

3. As soon as your baby is correctly positioned in the manduca, i.e. deeply tucked into the carrier – in the M-position, the short strap end on the manduca arch offers you the third adjustment option. It is used for tightening and fine-tuning so that your child lies close to your body even when leaning forward.

And the little connecting strap? What's that for?

If you like hiking, you know about the advantages of a chest strap on a backpack, because it keeps the straps in the middle and reduces the pressure on the arms. This is exactly how it is with the manduca, in both the front and back carrying modes: The straps stay where they are and cannot slip over the shoulders. Comfort tip: the connecting strap is flexibly attached to the shoulder straps, it can be moved up or down depending on body size – and even moved to a different strap segment. After all, no two backs are alike ­čÖé

Practical and comfortable: cross straps

The manduca is one of the few comfort carriers where the shoulder straps can be crossed. It can be even more comfortable for you with crossed straps, especially if you are particularly slim. For this type of carrying, you can cross the straps before you put your child in the carrier. You can even leave them crossed until the next time you carry your child!

Many find this practical and comfortable: crossed shoulder straps

Tip: You can interlock the shoulder straps before use – there is a strap tab at the end of the bottom padding for this purpose.

manduca straps at a glance:

  • all straps are softly padded
  • anatomical hip belt: back-friendly and comfortable
  • variable hip belt adjustable from 64 cm to 140 cm
  • Shoulder straps triple adjustable
  • Connecting strap for even more comfort
  • Length of hip belt and shoulder strap can be adjusted before first use

Where there are straps, there are also buckles

The manduca harnesses are closed with high-quality buckles from Duraflex – the waist belt with a three-point safety buckle and the other harnesses with two-way buckles. But there will be more about the buckles here on the blog soon. Stay tuned!


* And if the 140 cm are not quite enough, you are welcome to contact us. We have a solution for that too ­čÖé .