Everything under control (plastic-free): How we’re taking the next step in sustainability.

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Sustainability is one of those things. No question, dedicating yourself to it is important. But if you slack off after a while and – well – don’t stick to it sustainably, you might as well give it up. This was absolutely clear to us at manduca when we decided years ago not only to pay attention to the comfort and ergonomics of our carriers, but also to think about the environment, health and compatibility when selecting their fabrics. We were aware: using only natural fibers such as hemp or cotton from controlled organic cultivation cannot be only thing. There is even more that counts, and that must also be considered in the next step. Now that next step is upon us. This is towards packaging and promotional materials. Each manduca carrier brings new packaging into the world, and we’re not just presenting our manduca stuff online, but also in brochures, for example. All of these things need to be produced sustainably as well.

We are getting rid of all our plastics in our packaging and promotional materials.

In the future, all manduca packaging and promotional materials will be plastic-free and based on recycled paper. Specifically: We are replacing the previous plastic handles on our packaging with carrying handles made from tear-resistant recycled cardboard. As a result, the carrying handles for our manduca Twist and Sling models are eliminated completely. From now on, all stickers on our boxes will be ordered on a cellulose basis, as will the parcel tape used to seal our shipping boxes. Especially here, way too much foil still ends up in our yellow garbage cans. We print all manduca promotional materials (from flyers to brochures) on recycled paper. The printing of these materials is done by an exclusively sustainable printing company. The bottom line is that everything that arrives in a manduca box at your home is fully recyclable via the Blue Bin and, with the help of a little energy, becomes a raw material in the paper cycle again.

Blog tip on the topic of sustainability and zero waste

Of course, there is much more to say about sustainability. Entire blog pages could be filled with this topic. Caro, for example, shows this again and again on her blog einbisschengrüner. We recommend it to you as our reading tip. Why? Because Caro really gets to the heart of the issue of plastic avoidance and always has great tips on how to get through everyday life with less or no waste. It’s inspiring, but above all it’s true to life. So feel free to read up on einbisschengrüner – we think it’s worth it. While we are at it: Check out our other blog tips on Instagram every now and then. There we introduce you under #manducaempfiehlt sites that we find interesting and recommendable. And vice versa, we are of course also happy when we get suggestions from you ourselves. Getting to know other perspectives and opinions is never wrong. Especially not for someone who, like us, acts according to the motto “Love the change” 😊