Carrying newborns: with Size-It & manduca in the M-position®.

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You want to do everything right with your baby. And you might wonder if you can carry newborns. You can! If you want to carry your baby, it is only important that he or she is positioned in the squat-splay position. The tuck-and-spread position is the natural position that your baby automatically assumes when you pick him up: he automatically squats his little legs – like a monkey – and instinctively prepares himself to be carried. We call this position the M-position because the bottom, the feet and the knees form a big M like this.

M as in manduca.

Carrying newborn babies in the manduca baby carrier

With the manduca baby carrier, you have several options for carrying your baby in the M-position from birth: On the one hand, the manduca baby carrier offers the integrated seat reducer, in which your baby can comfortably squat his legs in front of his body. (When your baby is still very small, the legs remain inside the carrier. As your child grows, more and more of the foot and leg will stick out of the carrier until you no longer need the seat reducer because the carrier reaches from one knee to the other).

On the other hand, you can also reduce the bar of the manduca carrier with the manduca Size-It to enable carrying in the M-position.

The perfect size in no time

The Size-It is a soft padded fabric belt that reduces the bar of the manduca comfort carrier and thus adjusts the manduca to the right size for your baby. And this is how it works: Put the Size-It around the bar of the manduca, thread it through the diagonal elastic bands and close the buckle – and with the adjustable webbing straps you can adjust it to the perfect size. It couldn’t be easier 🙂

You have your baby with Size-It in the manduca baby carrier? Then look in the mirror and check if everything fits:

  • your baby’s bottom sits low in the carrier
  • knees at the level of the baby’s navel
  • The bar extends from the back of the knee to the back of the knee (legs not over-spread).
  • your baby lies close to your body and is supported all round

Four times yes? Then your baby is sitting perfectly 🙂

You still have question marks? Then send us your pictures (frontal and side shots) to You’ll get help there ^^

Size-It and ZipIn Ellipse: round things for newborns

You can also combine the optional manduca accessories for newborns: With the manduca Size-It and the ZipIn Ellipse you have an ideal combination to carry your baby in the M-position (Size-It) and to make your baby’s back nice and round (Size-It and ZipIn Ellipse).